Attendance Report

The attendance report should be completed each month, following the final Sabbath of the month.

All churches, companies and groups need to report their weekly attendance of Sabbath school and church. The count should include all adults, children (regardless of age), Adventist and non-Adventist visitors. In addition to completing this form, a permanent record should also be retained at the church.

Church Attendance

Church attendance should be recorded at the beginning of the sermon, and should be conducted in the same manner and at the same time every Sabbath to ensure accuracy and consistency across the division.

Sabbath School Attendance

Sabbath school attendance should be recorded just prior to dismissal, to include both latecomers and those who may leave SS early to get their children or prepare for other church matters. The count should be conducted in the same manner and near the same time each week, to ensure accuracy and consistency across the division.

Attendance Report
Month YYYY

1st Sabbath

2nd Sabbath

3rd Sabbath

4th Sabbath

5th Sabbath (if applicable)