I was nine years old the first time I had a personal encounter with God. My brother, sister and I were walking to the school playground when we noticed a man hiding in the bushes. He tried to convince us to go with him, trying to kidnap us. We were scared and ran to the playground, which was closer than our home. We safely arrived at the playground. I knew God saw my siblings’ and I’s need and came to our rescue.

Four years later I was home alone with my younger sister, Valerie and younger brother, Johnny, who was handicapped. Johnny became very ill, and I tried to take care of him but couldn’t. At that time there were no cellphones, and no one close by could help. My mother later returned and took Johnny to the hospital. Eventually Johnny was admitted to a children’s hospital where he went into a coma. Johnny died five weeks later.

Despite my Lutheran minister being kind and offering encouragement, I was angry at God for letting my brother die. Johnny loved Jesus and I struggled to understand how God could let something like this happen to my brother.

After my brother died, my parents decided to have Bible studies at home from a Seventh-day Adventist elder. My parents, siblings and I had many questions for the elder, but he patiently answered each one with scriptural evidence. We continued to learn more about Jesus through evangelistic meetings and Bible studies. After about a year, my parents, siblings and I decided to give our hearts to the Lord and were baptized.

While I still encounter troubles in my life, I am so happy I have chosen to follow Jesus. I know that through every trial and difficulty I face, He is with me.


Written by A. Ann Pulley