Bobbi Lehst sometimes has difficulty sleeping and finds herself awake at an early hour.

One morning she was scanning through TV channels and, being someone who enjoys spiritual programs, paused when she landed on Doug Batchelor’s Amazing Facts program. After just one episode she was learning answers to questions she’d had for years, so she started making sure to catch other episodes.

A short time later, Bobbi requested the free booklets and additional information being offered by the program. Her contact information was given to John Wolfe, who was then the pastor of the Lebanon Church.

Pastor Wolfe asked Sue Justice, a member of the Lebanon Church who lives near Bobbi, if she would be willing to contact her. Sue had never contacted a stranger to follow up on an interest card before, and she wasn’t quite sure how to approach Bobbi. But, after praying about it she decided going for a visit would be the best course of action.

When Bobbi answered the door, Sue was received gladly. The two visited at length and Sue invited Bobbi to attend church with her. That very week Sue and her husband, Dean, picked Bobbi up and brought her to the Lebanon Church for the first time.

Bobbi has continued to attend with Sue and Dean as they faithfully brought her each week, and she has missed church only once because of sickness. She has accepted all that the Lord has shown her and requested to become a part of God’s remnant church.

On Sabbath, Sept. 8, Bobbi was baptized into the Lebanon Church by Pastor Craig Wiles (Pastor Wolfe had since retired). Her excitement for her newfound faith and her church is infectious, and her joy radiates in her beautiful smile.