Many churches in the Iowa-Missouri Conference did special outreaches for Thanksgiving this year.

Some of these churches created baskets of food, including the Winterset Church. Members of the church joined together to create baskets filled with turkeys, green beans, corn, potatoes, gravy, dressing, peanut butter, bread, crackers, cookies, milk, bananas, pie, cranberries and sweet potatoes. In total, the church delivered 22 baskets to those in need.

The Mason City Church also gave out food to those in need. The church created four food boxes total. Three of the boxes went to families’ church members personally knew and one box was given to a family whose name was given to the church by the Department of Human Services.

Members of the St. Louis Central Church also handed out food to the local community. On Thanksgiving Day, a small group gave boxed Thanksgiving meals and hygiene kits to the homeless.

Boxed lunches from the St. Louis Central Church included turkey, mac and cheese, pumpkin pie and more.

The Ava Church Pathfinder club partnered with the church’s community service center to bring seven families each a 30-gallon tub of food. The church also held two Thanksgiving meals. The first took place on Thanksgiving Day and was for church members who do not have family or were unable to celebrate with family. The second meal took place on Friday and was open to the community.

All churches said they wanted to give out food to help those in need.

“[We made these boxes] because we genuinely care about those in need around us and we want to show them the love of Christ,” said Steven Shafer, pastor for the Mason City Church.