How do we make ministry relevant in 2018?

This is a question we should continually ask ourselves as we seek God’s guidance and watch for opportunities to present themselves.

God recently opened a door for the Columbia Church, College Park Christian Academy and College Park Christian Preschool to partner in hosting a parenting seminar. It was our hope that by joining hands to meet parenting needs, we could bring families together from all parts of our campus and community.

The seminar was presented by John Rosemond, a family psychologist who draws sound parenting principles from the Word of God. John uses humor to provide practical, biblical solutions to real-life parenting issues.

During and after the seminar, parents, administrators and leaders made connections and attendees received additional parenting resources.

The response to the parenting seminar was positive, and many expressed interest in small groups for parenting and marriage, as well. We are excited about building relationships and greater ministry opportunities within our community.