Written by Rachel Ashworth (SE MO), Lee Roccholz (IA) and Alicia Spaid (SW MO)

Last month the Iowa-Missouri held three Pathfinder camporees allowing Pathfinder clubs to bond, learn and worship together.

Iowa Fall Camporee

The Iowa Fall camporee was held at Kent Park near Oxford, Iowa. In total there were 110 Pathfinders and staff who participated in the event. Participants heard four messages on their identity in Christ. Pathfinders did various activities and joined together in praise through music. Overall, the weather was great, and it was a great opportunity for Pathfinder clubs to gather for fellowship and fun. — Lee Roccholz

Southwest Missouri Camporee

Ninety-seven Pathfinders gathered in Lebanon, Missouri for the Southwest Missouri Camporee. During the three day event, six different Pathfinder clubs worked together to learn or improve various skills. Pathfinders used their talents to witness for Christ. The Pride Family provided music during praise time and Pathfinders raised their voices in unison to praise God. — Alicia Spaid

Southeast Missouri Camporee

The last camporee to take place was the Southeast Missouri Fall Camporee. During their camporee, five Pathfinder clubs from the Southeast region of Missouri gathered with Missouri area coordinators, Iowa-Missouri youth director Denison Sager and guest speaker Ben Moore at Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park. Like participants at the other camporees, Pathfinders participated in activities and earned honors.

One of the Pathfinder clubs, Columbia, arrived late Friday evening due to a flat tire, causing the club to leave their trailer miles from the campground. Some of the club members had their personal items, like coats and blankets, in the abandoned trailer. Fellow campers were quick to share their own blankets and extra coats with those who did not have any.

Throughout the weekend the Pathfinders experienced many team building activities. Team building was definitely an important practical application at the Southeast Missouri Fall Camporee. — Rachel Ashworth