The Des Moines and Nevada schools came together for a joint Science Fair on April 29.

Students in grades 3-8 created and presented projects in one of the following categories: experimental, invention/innovation, and scientific study.

Attendees joined students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities including aluminum foil boat building and spaghetti marshmallow tower building competitions.

The activities were followed by a science show presented by Jim Birkel with Mad Science of Iowa. Birkel, who attends several science fairs in Iowa, said he was impressed by the projects and was also excited to talk about the best scientist of all, God.

After the science show, awards were presented to the STEM activity winners and each student for their hard work. Each participating student walked away with a gyroscope for completing their projects. Scholarships to Sunnydale Academy and Union College were also awarded to the four best-in-show projects. Examined topics included Power, by Hunter Holland; Drawbridges, by Audrey Moore; Teeth Staining, by Claire Jorgensen; and Plastic from Milk, by Eliana Bascom.

Congratulations to all the Des Moines and Nevada young scientists for a job well done!