For several years now, Venoy Clements has been faithfully reciting the memory verse from the adult Sabbath school quarterly every Sabbath at the Fredericktown Church.

It all started approximately five years ago, when the Sabbath school teacher shared a story about how her grandfather memorized every memory verse and repeated them in order at the end of each quarter. She challenged Fredericktown members to begin memorizing the memory verses to enrich their devotional life. The following Sabbath, she asked if anyone could repeat the memory verse, and Venoy stood up.

Now at the age of 96, the World War II veteran is nearly blind, but he hasn’t let that stop him from continuing his weekly tradition. Venoy studies his Sabbath school lesson on audio provided by Christian Record Services for the Blind, and his daughter writes out the verse in large print and coaches him every day.

Last summer, Venoy was blessed to witness his twin daughters, Pam and Paula, join the church. Pam was baptized at Millstream Gardens, in the same spot where Venoy had been baptized many years earlier, and Paula joined by profession of faith. Both ladies credit their father for decision to join the church.