On July 17, the General Conference Administrative Committee voted recommendations for addressing entities out of compliance with the actions of a GC Session, the GC Executive Committee, or working policy.

The outlined process includes setting up a number of compliance review committees that would address specific issues of non-compliance and would make recommendations to the General Conference Administrative Committee.

The document will be discussed by the General Conference and Division Officers Committee. It will then be sent to the GC Executive Committee at its Annual Council this October for consideration.

You can read the full documents here:

“Regard for and Practice of General Conference Session and General Conference Executive Committee Actions”

“Compliance Committee’s Terms of Reference”

A version of this story first appeared on July 17 on the Adventist Review, Adventist World and Adventist News Network websites. 

Editor’s note: Existing policies for addressing entities out of compliance allow only for the administrative entity closest to the situation to address the issue of non-compliance.