Sixth through eighth grade students at Hillcrest SDA School recently had the opportunity to go on a field trip to the National World War 1 Museum in Kansas City, Missouri. They had been studying the war in the classroom and were excited to go to the museum to see artifacts and learn more about this time in our world’s history. 

The group left Hillcrest at 5:30 in the morning in order to reach the museum by 10:00, but the energy was high and students thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

“I really was surprised to see how little protection the soldiers’ uniforms offered them,” said one student. “Many wore cloth hats!” 

“There was a replica of Flanders Field there with 9,000 poppies in it,” said another student. “They told us that each poppy represented 1,000 deaths, which means that 9 million people died in that war. That is hard to imagine.” 

After returning from their trip, the students created a poppy art project to commemorate those who served and died in World War 1.