On a recent Sabbath morning I rose early and looked out the window to discover a sparrow on the screen with its head tucked down like it was sleeping. What an unusual sight, I thought.

I waited awhile to see if it would fly away, but it didn’t. Then I went outside and spoke to it, but it still didn’t fly away. It became clear to me that its foot was caught in the screen, so I got a long-handled broom, reached up, and gently lifted it. After a few tense seconds, to my delight, the bird was able to free itself from the screen, hovering momentarily as if to thank me before flying off.

When I shared my happy rescue story with my husband, Steve, he simply smiled and said, “Yes, His eye is on the sparrow.” I’m so pleased that God sees even a little sparrow. Had it been just two days later I would not have been home, and had it been a different room I may not have even noticed. But God knows when and how to save a little sparrow. And He knows how to save you and me, too.