The Iowa-Missouri Conference recently hired four new Bible workers as it sets eyes on evangelism efforts taking place in 2021.

Aadesh Biswa

Aadesh Biswa will start serving in the Kansas City area in January. He came to the United States from Nepal in 2013 and was introduced to the Adventist Church through his involvement with the NC4Y Pathfinder Club in Kansas City. He briefly attended Sunnydale Academy and recently completed training with It Is Written’s School of Evangelism, SALT. While there, he, a friend, and several others involved in the program were baptized.

Shelby Clark

Shelby Clark is serving the Des Moines area through the Ankeny and Woodland Hills churches. She is no stranger to our conference, having grown up as an active member of the Houston church in Missouri. She graduated last year from SALT and was working with It Is Written on a major outreach effort in Indianapolis before the pandemic hit. Shelby has a powerful personal testimony and a great passion for leading others to a transformational relationship with Jesus Christ.

Dana Connell

Dana Connell is serving in Belle Plaine and surrounding areas of Iowa. She earned her Masters of Divinity from the seminary at Andrews University in 2016 and has served the church in various capacities including associate pastor, chaplain, and community service and outreach coordinator for Impact San Antonio during the 2015 General Conference Session.

Following the derecho that tore through the Belle Plaine area last August, Dana was one of the volunteers who came to the area, along with Gideon Rescue Company and Union College’s International Rescue and Relief program. She spent many weeks getting to know residents, assessing needs, distributing Red Cross food packets, and providing spiritual care and praying with people.

Doh Htoo

Doh Htoo will begin serving the Des Moines community through the Des Moines church in January. He came to the United States as a refugee in 2010 and graduated from Sunnydale Academy last year. While at Sunnydale, Doh Htoo often held Bible studies in the dorm, leading several fellow students to Christ. Doh will finish his training with SALT this month.

Please keep each of these Bible workers, the communities and churches they’re serving, and our conference in your prayers as we work together to reach Iowa and Missouri for Jesus throughout this next year.