Food label Program

Funding Ministry
with Food Labels

Did you know that labels from canned Worthington and Loma Linda food products are redeemable for cash?

It’s true! Every label is worth 25 cents. That may not sound like much, but it adds up quickly. With just 16 of our churches participating over a recent one-year period, we raised approximately $2,400, which will help ensure refugee students receive a quality Christian education through Adventist schools in our conference. Imagine what we could do if all of our over 100 churches participated!

How you can help

1. Save your labels from Worthington and Loma Linda canned products.

2. Turn them into the Labels Make Cents program leader at your church (for many churches, this is the Sabbath School Investment leader). If your church isn’t participating, please consider becoming a program leader (see step 3).

3. Program leaders: Download your Conference Participation Form below and report your total label count by December 28 each year.

Label counts received after December 28 will apply to the following year’s total. Though churches may support worthy projects by working directly with Atlantic Natural Foods (a minimum label count of 400 applies—visit for further details), we believe the most significant ministry impact can be made by working together. We welcome your ongoing participation with us. Proceeds from any labels turned in to the conference will support the needs of refugees living in Iowa and Missouri, primarily providing tuition assistance to refugee students who would like to attend an Iowa-Missouri Conference school.

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