For nearly 30 years the Macon Church has ministered to communities throughout central Missouri through its Better Living Center.

Located in downtown Macon, the center provides disaster care, fire victim support, free clothing for those in need, newborn baby welcome kits, and spiritual support to hundreds of families.

In 2018, the center underwent some renovations. Repairs were done to the roof, walls were given a fresh coat of paint, and a dedicated meeting space was added for health, wellness, spiritual, Bible study, and community involvement meetings.

The church is excited as more and more members get involved in loving the community for the glory of God. During the holidays, children from the church wrapped gifts for people coming into the center. What a joy it was to see multiple generations work together to bless others!

A window display greets passersby with a holiday theme leading up to Christmas. (Photo courtesy Bryan Gallant)

We have been intentionally doing special window displays to minister to the downtown walking traffic and have even begun hosting family-friendly movies with strong spiritual messages for the community. The fantastic popcorn, fellowship, and interaction at the Movies that Move events are a blessing in many ways to all who attend.

As we look ahead into 2019 and beyond, we are prayerfully excited to keep ministering and loving in our now better Better Living Center.