October 27 was a high Sabbath for the Lebanon Church as Martin Coffee renewed his commitment to Jesus in baptism.

Martin was raised in an Adventist home in Willow Springs, Missouri, but wondered away from the Lord in his teen years.

About seven or eight years ago, Martin had an eye-opening experience when he found himself in the hospital with a collapsed lung and pneumonia. He determined he needed to get back to church and renew his relationship with God. About the same time, Martin’s wife, Melody, felt called back to church as well. They decided to return to church together and have been faithfully attending the Lebanon Church for several years.

Martin recently decided to renew his commitment to the Lord through rebaptism. He wanted to be baptized in nature, so his church family gladly followed him to the Niangua River for this wonderful occasion. It just so happened that the Lebanon Pathfinders were having a camporee at the river campground that same weekend, so they were privileged to witness God’s faithfulness in bringing one of His children home.