Over two weekends in September, Missouri Pathfinder Clubs met in Belle, Missouri for the annual Fall Camporee. Between both weekends, one for Eastern Missouri and one for Western Missouri clubs, over 168 people camped, sang and learned together. Area Coordinators, Ira and Diana Thompson, hosted the Fall Camporees at their family farm, and the Pathfinders spent the weekend surrounded by forest, farmland, beautiful flowerbeds and scenery.

The theme “Synergy with Nature” provided an opportunity to teach the Missouri Pathfinders how science and nature reveals God’s character and design. Being in nature has a positive impact but spending time with their friends and leaders also brings Pathfinders closer to God.

As in past years, the weekend includes training in all the Camping Skills honor requirements, Sabbath School and church breakout sessions (with skits!), and a unique honor that goes along with the theme of the camporee. This year, the Pathfinders earned the AY honor, Animal Camouflage, learning not only how God designed animals to camouflage themselves for safety, but also how Satan uses camouflage to hurt us and put distance between us and God.

Sabbath at Fall Camporee included a special vespers service in which Pathfinders rode on a “hayless hayride” up a large hill on the property for a perfect view to welcome the Sabbath. Pathfinders sang songs and were blessed with perfect weather and masterpiece of a sunset.

In total, four clubs, 51 people, attended the Eastern Missouri Fall Camporee, with Nathaniel Brundidge and Ben Moore providing music and Tina Moore directing activities.

The next weekend, eight clubs and 117 people attended the Western Missouri Fall Camporee. Ben Armantrout provided music and Alicia Spaid directed activities.

Area coordinators, Ira and Diana Thompson, Mike and Kathy Rowe, Scott and Alicia Spaid, James and Tina Moore, and Nathaniel Brundidge, organized Missouri Fall Camporees this September with plans for a single statewide camporee next fall. The Thompsons not only plan to host Fall Camporees in the future, but also built a shower house for Pathfinders and churches to use when camping at the Thompson Farm. This location offered campers this September an opportunity to see God’s love written in nature.