The Moberly Seventh-day Adventist Church welcomed two new church family members with a baptism and a profession of faith on June 19, 2021.  Praise the Lord!

David Ross attended the Revelation Series in the fall of 2019 and requested further studies leading to baptism. Throughout the next spring, summer and fall he joined the Thunder in the Holy Land Sabbath School Class, where he became better acquainted with some of the members of the Moberly Church. COVID-19 and other matters delayed Ross’s formal, public declaration to follow God. However, he had already committed in his heart during the Revelation Series presented by Jody Dickhaut. Dickhaut’s approach emphasized the difference between the administration of the Catholic Church and its members, who are not responsible for the way the church conducts itself. Since Ross was formerly Catholic, he was sensitive to the animosity he had sometimes felt from the Seventh-day Adventist Church toward the Catholic Church. Once this barrier was removed, his pathway was made clear. The Moberly Church was thrilled to watch Dickhaut baptize Ross.

Jody Dickhaut, with assistance from Todd Gill, baptizes David Ross.

Colleen Fike had been attending the Moberly Church regularly prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, after which she elected to remain at home rather than attend services in person. A few months ago, Sonja Dickhaut, the wife of Moberly Church’s pastor, was cleaning up her cell phone contact list when she noticed Colleen’s contact information and felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to reach out to her. Sonja Dickhaut sent Fike a tentative text asking her how she was doing. Fike was excited to hear form Sonja Dickhaut and responded immediately. Sonja Dickhaut then requested that a small group to make Fike a special focus of their prayers.  As a result of Sonja Dickhaut’s outreach, Fike began attending church in-person once again, and also rejoined an adult Sabbath School class.  Her decision to declare her profession of faith and join the Moberly Church was met with enthusiasm and support, especially from her fellow class members as well as from the members of the small group who prayed for her.

God was leading in these events. Sabbath School classes give church attendees the opportunity to develop more meaningful relationships with their church family as individuals. The Moberly Church prays that no one will underestimate the power of one small gesture or a sensitive courtesy in our interactions with others.