The Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs at Peace Point Chapel in Sikeston, Missouri continue to grow this year as 10 Pathfinders and nine Adventurers meet weekly for snacks, songs, Bible lessons, curriculum classwork, honors and awards.

The clubs are represented by a diverse group of kids from different denominations and backgrounds, and, for the first time in a decade, Peace Point Chapel has adequate staff and supportive caregivers and guardians to serve such a large group. At least half of the kids are living with relatives other than parents, with a parent who is ill, or with one or both parents incarcerated.

The group recently held an Induction Service with a special family blessing followed by a reception. As the Adventurers learn about Jesus and how to pray and grow in friendship with Jesus this year, the Pathfinders are working hard to read and memorize Bible passages for the upcoming Pathfinder Bible Experiences. Please keep the whole group in your prayers.