Revelation Today opened in Kansas City Friday evening, with an average attendance of around 600 people per night. Several local churches also live streamed the series for community members who couldn’t make it to the convention center.

For the next four weeks, this dynamic series by It Is Written speaker/director John Bradshaw will take attendees on a journey through Bible prophecy as it relates to modern day life. Presentations cover such topics as “Can God Be Trusted?,” “Seeing the Signs,” “Is There Hope for a Planet in Crisis?,” “The Messiah and the Judgement,” “The United States in Prophecy,” “The Mark of the Beast,” “Babylon Rising,” “The Second Coming,” and “The Mystery of Death.”

Preparation for Revelation Today began last year, with It Is Written partnering with the Central States, Iowa-Missouri and Kansas-Nebraska conferences in a coordinated effort to engage the community. Bible workers were hired by all three conferences and studies have been taking place all over the metro throughout the last year. Church members have also been trained in conducting Bible studies and will be available for further study during and after the series.

Revelation Today is live at the Reardon Convention Center (map) in downtown Kansas City, Kansas, each Friday, Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:00 pm (CDT), through April 28. Learn more at