After evaluating recent developments within our community, the Sunnydale Academy executive committee voted to delay the start of the 2020-21 school year until August 24. (Dorm students will move in on Sunday, August 23.)

From August 10-21, there will be orientations, meetings, and registrations online via Zoom to prepare for the school year.

During first semester, we will also be limiting exposure to the Sunnydale campus family in the following ways:

  • The campus will be closed to visitors during the first three weeks of school, and there will be no home leaves during that time. After those three weeks, the COVID situation will be reevaluated to determine if these restrictions will be extended or relaxed.
  • All first semester activities and events that involve social interactions with individuals who are not part of the Sunnydale campus family are being cancelled or postponed until second semester.
  • Students will break for Thanksgiving vacation on November 24. From November 30 – December 4, students will finish the semester via Zoom.

We believe it is possible to successfully complete the first semester with students at Sunnydale. We ask for your prayers, seeking divine guidance and protection.