Sunnydale Academy will begin the 2020-21 school year with nine new staff members. Please join us in welcoming them!

Donna Alfalah

Donna Alfalah will be working as a Cafeteria assistant. She has six years of food service experience, and two years of baking experience. She is married to Pastor Lou Alfalah, and together they serve the Sunnydale Church. They have an adventurous young son named Jonah.

Kirk Baker

Kirk Baker will be teaching science classes. He is coming from Medford, Oregon, where he taught for seven years. He has a degree in biology from Burman University. As a native of Colorado, Kirk loves sports and the great outdoors. He has been happily married to his wife, Cheria, for eight years, whom he met in freshman biology class in college. They have two beautiful children, Colby (5) and Cameryn (3).

Andrew Boaz

Andrew Boaz will be teaching US History, Government, and Vo-Tech classes. He is coming from Arizona, where he previously taught social studies, PE, and career and technical education classes. He holds degrees in history and applied human behavior. Andrew loves the outdoors and enjoys kayaking when he is not teaching. He has been happily married to Melissa for 26 years. They have four children ranging from 22 to 29, and one grandchild.

Melissa Boaz

Melissa Boaz will be teaching English. She is coming from Arizona, and previously taught various subjects including English, science, and all subjects for middle through high school. She also previously served as girls’ dean at Holbrook Indian School, and as recruitment director at Jefferson Christian Academy. She holds an undergraduate degree in education and is currently working on a master’s in English from Grand Canyon University. Melissa has been happily married to Andrew for 26 years. They have four children ranging from 22 to 29, and one grandchild.

Joseph Choi

Joseph Choi will be teaching music classes. He is coming from Hagerstown, Maryland. Originally from South Korea, Joseph has lived in the United States for 33 years and is fluent in four languages: Korean, Portuguese, English, and Spanish. He holds an undergraduate degree in music with emphases in conducting and trumpet from Southern Adventist University; a master’s in orchestral conducting from University of Hartford, Connecticut; and is currently working on a doctorate in choral conducting from the University of Maryland. Joseph is happily married to his wife, Angela, and together they have a son, Nathaniel, who will be starting 8th grade this fall.

Elizabeth Quigley

Elizabeth Quigley will be teaching Foreign Language, assisting with various other classes, and managing the library and the yearbook. An alumna of Sunnydale, Elizabeth holds a degree in long-term care administration from Southern Adventist University. After spending time working at summer camp, Elizabeth discovered a passion for working with young people and decided to enter the education field. She enjoys reading, music and sports in her free time.

Patrick Quigley

Patrick Quigley will be teaching PE, World Geography, Running Intramurals, and will serve as an assistant chaplain. An alumnus of Sunnydale, Patrick holds a degree in biology with a biomedical emphasis from Middle East University in Beirut Lebanon. While in Lebanon he had the opportunity to be a part of many health exposes throughout the Middle East. He also taught ESL classes for a year, which provided a chance for him discover his passion for teaching young people. Patrick enjoys music and sports.

Georgia Russell

Georgia Russell will be teaching health classes and will serve as head gymnastics coach. An alumna of Sunnydale, Georgia holds a nursing degree from Union College. After working as a bedside nurse, Georgia decided to transition into the education world and spent three months teaching English in Tanzania, Africa, before returning home to serve as assistant gymnastics coach. She has 12 years of experience as a gymnast and is excited to jump right into coaching another year. In her free time, Georgia loves to travel and enjoys photography.

Victoria Tobing

Victoria Tobing will be teaching Bible classes and will serve as an assistant chaplain. She previously taught at Maxwell Academy in Nairobi, Kenya; College View Academy in Lincoln, Nebraska; Orangewood Academy in Garden Grove, California; and Springfield Junior Academy in Missouri. She holds an undergraduate degree in religious education from Union College and is pursuing a master’s in counseling. Victoria loves sharing a meal with people, traveling, and being in nature with her dog, Lady. But her true passion is teaching young people about Jesus by living life alongside them. She hopes to show them His faithfulness so that they can respond by serving and ministering to others.