“All of us are traveling roads under construction,” Crisian Stroia recently shared with members of the Waterloo Church. “We have to build roads so others can travel.”

A year ago, the church accepted God’s challenge to sponsor Cristian and his wife, Otilia, as missionaries with Adventist Frontier Missions. Cristian’s sermon, “Road Under Construction,” was based on Isaiah 40:3-5. He stated that the road to our destination is not always clear, requiring leaning upon God, exercising our faith and remembering that we are all missionaries. Included in the message were various inspiring personal testimonies.

Cristian, Otilia and their son, Oliver, have a remarkable story to tell in their journeys in accepting the call to missionary work, overcoming obstacles, learning to trust God, and catching His vision for their lives. They have endeared themselves to the Waterloo Church and formed an eternal friendship.

This friendship has also had an unexpected positive outcome. Before sponsoring the Stroias, the church was having difficulty meeting their monthly church budget goals. But now they are not only meeting their goals but surpassing them. What wonderful evidence of how a church can grow when mission outreach is made a part of ministry!

For more information about the Stoias, email [email protected], call 269.277.6561, or visit their page on afmonline.org.